Black Friday/ My style

Today me and mom went shopping for me. I am going to a wedding tomorrow, so we went to the mall to get my dress. I ended up getting a bunch of shirts also. I had to put four back, because I had so many. It was really ridiculous today, since it is Black Friday. I got this really cute pair of shoes, with a super cute dress. It is red, and has pretty flowers at the bottom. I have a lot of tops with a bunch of color. That is my style. I do colorful, bright, and sparkly. I also love bling. It’s just my kind of style. Today I am wearing:

Gray, black and white geometric and patterned leggings.
Long-sleeved hot pink top, layered underneath cream short-sleeved sweater top.
Cream knit crochet cap.
Plaid hot pink, gray and thin yellow stripes.



Boom See Ya Later!



I am grateful for……

I am grateful for…...

Happy Thanksgiving! I just finished stuffing my mouth with delicious foods. I am sooooo thankful for everything that I have. I am thankful for my family, my friends, my food and water and anything else that makes my life better. What are you grateful for, and does it put a smile on your face?

Kinky Curly Hair

My hair is soooo curly. My mom calls it kinky curly. I have natural kinky curly hair and I love it. I never plan to put chemicals in it. I think my hair is beautiful and will keep it natural forever.

You can do many styles with naturally curly hair. Before my mom styles my hair, she lets me pick out different styles that I like online. Sometimes I do braids, twist outs, puffs, cornrows, bantu knots and even seasonal styles. You should do it too. So maybe when my mom washes my hair, the deep conditioner runs down my back. Sometimes it runs down my face. Or, it can take four hours to style it. But the downsides don’t matter. It’s the results. It makes you think, “Why didn’t I go natural earlier?”

I have heard that girls have perms, and have their hair pressed all the time. They don’t know that they have beautiful hair. That is a fact. I want to tell young girls that every feature they have, every trait they got from their parents, makes them beautiful. They don’t know that because people tell them that their hair is ugly, or that their hair is too thick and that they should have their hair pressed. For those who don’t know what a perm or getting hair pressed is, it is when you have your hair straightened. If you have kinky hair, don’t let people talk trash about it. Stand up for yourself, stand up for your hair.

If you think you might want to try natural hair, talk to your mom and tell her how much you want to try it. Once she knows you really mean it she will probably say ok. It may seem weird or frustrating at first but don’t give up! You will learn to love your hair as much as I love mine.


Being You/ Wear What’s You

Being You/ Wear What's You

Being you feels so good. When you’re you, you know that you are doing whatever you’re supposed to do. I feel like I have many things to do. I love to write, to dance, to sing, and to do gymnastics. I love to wear what is me. I wear bright colors, because I’m bright. You know, let me list personality’s.
Bright and sweet, full of ideas, loves a lot of things. I suggest bright colors.
Peaceful and goods listeners should wear basic colors.
Bling sparkly for girls with a special touch, that makes them love stuff like bling phone cases, or sparkly stuff. These things should make you think, do I really have to dress to impress? I will make you say no. No to not being who you are, no to not expressing yourself. Lets do it!

My Unique Style

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I love bling. I love colorful things. You see, my all the time personality is colorful, exciting, and cheerful. So I wear stuff that says colorful, exciting and cheerful. If you were lets say peaceful, I would say basic colors. That’s what I do.