Being You/ Wear What’s You

Being You/ Wear What's You

Being you feels so good. When you’re you, you know that you are doing whatever you’re supposed to do. I feel like I have many things to do. I love to write, to dance, to sing, and to do gymnastics. I love to wear what is me. I wear bright colors, because I’m bright. You know, let me list personality’s.
Bright and sweet, full of ideas, loves a lot of things. I suggest bright colors.
Peaceful and goods listeners should wear basic colors.
Bling sparkly for girls with a special touch, that makes them love stuff like bling phone cases, or sparkly stuff. These things should make you think, do I really have to dress to impress? I will make you say no. No to not being who you are, no to not expressing yourself. Lets do it!


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