Who I Am

Hi, my name is Kamila (pronounced KUH-ME-LUH). I like to dance, sing, do gymnastics, write, draw, and write my blog, which relates to writing. I have four members in my family, including myself five. I have a brother named Jahid, a dog named Jasmine, and of course my mom and my dad. I love them all dearly. My brother can tease, or be mean, but I still love him. I know that he loves me. My dog loves to bark. She always seems to get what she wants and it’s never fair. She gets groomed, fed, thats it. But the point is that she gets way a lot, yet she is great. My mom is really helpful, and I know that she is always trying to help me. My dad is so funny, and can always put me in a good mood. Did you know that I’m homeschooled? If you didn’t, I would like for you to know at I am. I also skipped a grade. I am eight years old in fourth grade. I should be in third. I knew everything in kindergarden, so I skipped a grade. I am also a vegan. When I first got a dog, I said that I would stop eating hot dogs. I had thought that hot dogs were made out of dogs. My mom told me that hot dogs were made out of chicken. Later, she showed me a meat video, that shows you how meat is made. A lot of animals are hurt while doing it. So I became vegan. I thank you for reading my blog. Thank you!


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