Modern Cool

Today I was feeling like wearing something nice and bright. So today, is once again pink. Pink pink and more pink! I’lol do something different tomorrow, but today pink had my eye. So thanks for reading!

Yours truly 



2014 My Style

Today I’m wearing a white top with long sleeves. Over it is a pink ‘Sparkle Shimmer Shine’ top. Lastly, I have on hot pink leggings. For accessories, I’m wearing a pink and white rainbowloom choker, and a pink and white rainbowloom bracelet



This awesome week.

The week I started swimming lessons. I have been trying my best as I possibly can. I also bought my pet bunny this week. I am sure that you have seen my post about her. If you haven’t, her name is Krystal. Today I let her run around outside, and it was so cute. She did a bunch of jumps and other adorable actions.

More about her.

She is a little shy, but she is a sweetheart. The caretaker of her said she was usually scared, but she was happy when I took her home. She doesn’t run around ever time I let her out, but she sure does groom herself a lot! image