Beauty at the New Year and All Year Long

You are beautiful year round. If some kids say you’re ugly, don’t believe them. They are wrong. You are beautiful no matter what. Some girls don’t see their inner beauty. We all girls have it. A lot of girls think that they are just beautiful on the outside. But you really are beautiful on the inside too.

You know in some movies there are these girls who are pretty on the outside? A lot of times they are really nasty on the inside. Same with some of the popular rich girls in the movies. Some girls are like that in real life. A lot of people don’t stand up for themselves when they are being bullied and called mean names. Here is what the people in the movies say when they stand up for themselves:



“I may not be as pretty as you on the outside, but I am WAY more pretty than you on the inside.” That always knocks those rude girls cold. And you can do the same for yourself and you’ll feel great about it because you stood up for yourself. So this new year say proudly “I stand up for myself! I AM beautiful inside and out!” and show those rude girls who’s boss.

Boom See Ya Later!


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